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Howdy! How can I help *YOU* Rock Your Prospects and Customers’ Email Inbox?

I’m Haylie McCort — aka The DotcomCowgirl.

I’m a “full-stack marketer” and information wrangler based in Austin, Texas.

I love working with startups, creatives, consultants and soloprenuer small business owners build their businesses with email marketing and email newsletters — without breaking the bank to do it.

I have over 13 years experience in online internet marketing, web design and development and email marketing, and over 30 years (I started at 15!) in broadcast and print media, marketing, and creating software specifically for business – from Inc. 500 companies to local retailers.

When I’m not glued to my Mac immersed in all things marketing, or working on one of my gazillion business ideas, you can find me riding (or working on my Parelli Natural Horsemanship level 4 certification) one of my AQHA reining horses. When I can figure out how to strap the MacBook Pro to the saddle horn, I’ll be happy. I’m also a major sci-fi fan (nerd alert!), an inventor, a lifelong learner, addicted to junking/flea market shopping, voted by my friends as the person you’d most like on your team during the Zombie Apocalypse (I have serious MacGuyver-y skills), plus I bake a mean batch o’ chocolate chip cookies.


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(If You Still Need Convincing I’m the Real Deal)

Small Business Email Marketing Expert & Mailchimp FanGirl

mailchimp-freddieI’ve been sending Mailchimp email marketing campaigns for myself and my customers for over 7 years, since 2006. Email marketing is now the key MUST HAVE part of any small business marketing plan. I switched my primary focus to email marketing because it’s so critical to online small business success.

Mailchimp’s free plan, powerful automation features and gorgeous, easy to use interface make it perfect for your small biz. Prefer to DIY your campaigns after I help you wrangle an awesome strategy and craft some killer email templates for your brand? No worries, you’ll find Mailchimp a joy to use.


Small Business and eCommerce WordPress Website Expert

bornintexas-wp3I founded DotcomCowgirl Media in 2002 to develop business websites. I’m a WordPress expert developer and have been coding WordPress for business websites for 10 years — since 2005.

Unlike other email marketing “gurus” who have no clue how to actually execute their fancy email sequences, or custom code opt-in boxes, my extensive WordPress skillset means I can actually help you choose, design and configure the many tools and plugins that help your email marketing lasso every last prospect and ideal customer.


I’m a Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur, Just Like You

satisfaction-250I run my own eCommerce shop websites and authority marketing sites, so I “eat my own dogfood” as we say in the trade. I know what works and what doesn’t – because I test on my own email campaigns on my own websites. Every online tool or resource I promote, I actually use or help clients use in their email campaigns or on their websites.

My company has been in business over 12 years, and is BBB rated. Check out the testimonials from my happy customers.

Of course, your satisfaction is always guaranteed on any product or service that you purchase.


When You Need it Done Right…

There's nothing like a well-crafted email marketing campaign or a well trained horse! Look Ma - no bridle!
There’s nothing like a well-crafted email marketing campaign or a well trained horse!
And you need it done right now…

My Cowgirl Manifesto says it all. I’m honest and I call it like it is. I will make your deadline and deliver on time, on budget. You can count on me and my staff to have your back. After all, it’s your business – and your dream – on the line.

When you need it done right, and you need it done right now – just call the DotcomCowgirl!

I look forward to helping you Get ‘R Done!

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