About DotcomCowgirl

“You can have everything in life
you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

~ Zig Ziglar

Who am I, what do I do
and how is that important to *YOU* and your business?

I’m Haylie McCort. aka The DotcomCowgirl.

I have over 30 years experience in media, marketing and creating software technology specifically for small business – from Inc. 500 companies to local retailers. I love helping entreprenuers and small business owners to build their businesses and to use technology to be successful online.

I’m honest and I call it like it is. I won’t blow smoke up your skirt — I’ll tell you what you need to hear — maybe don’t want to hear — BUT I’ll show you a way to make it right, I won’t leave you hangin’. After all, it’s your business – your livelihood – on the line. I will make your deadline and deliver on time, on budget. You can count on me and my company to have your business’s back!

This Ain’t My First Rodeo
in the business tech software and marketing sectors.

I got involved in software tech via Radio broadcasting. I got my FCC radio engineering license at age 15 (- the only girl in a room full of old guys with shortsleeved shirts with pocket protectors and bad eyeglasses). I was General Manager of my first Commercial FM station, WPGU-FM, at age 20. I was VP/CFO of one of the premier radio marketing research firms and an Inc. 500 company after that. In the mid 80′s I was General Managing the first English-Spanish Bi-lingualRock-n-Roll station KQQK-FM in Houston (a long story there – got me written up in the NY Times!), and computers were just starting to make inroads into media. Computer systems then were incredibly slow and crude compared to today, and I finally got fed up with the “Voodoo Priests” — the tech guys who would obfuscate what was really going on with the code so they could charge your more or just take forever to deliver a new report or feature. Since I couldn’t get the IT guys to “DWIM” or “DWIW” my business systems, I decided to learn how to build and code them myself. I ended up falling in love with the Apple Macintosh Plus and joining the original Apple Developers program. I left radio for software development and never looked back.

I was a software entreprenuer before it was hip or politically correct, and waaay before it was common for women to start tech companies or, heaven forbid, code. My first software product was “WireWrite” a nifty app that sold for a whopping $1,295 that allowed radio/TV news directors to feed their AP/UPI/Reuters/AFP wire feed directly into a Mac Plus or SE and actually EDIT the stories (instead of writing on the ripped news wire paper) using a word processing software and then printing out clean, edited copies for air personnel to read. Hey, it was revolutionary software in its day and it’s still in use in some parts of the third world!

For me, the mission has always been to design and write software (and now websites) that just WORK, the first time and every time. Since there is barely any time to do things right, who has time to do things over? I hate time wasters; I want my business solutions and tools to just bloody work right, and right NOW, and make my life easier, not more complicated. As a small business owner, I feel your pain due to the info overload of the Internet age — but I also understand the power the Internet adds to our businesses.

Over the years, I’ve amassed a solid track record of helping my clients use technology and the media to better market and operate their businesses. I’ve worked with clients in all kinds of businesses: retail, technology, media, the arts, health care, athletics/sports, equestrian services, manufacturing, travel and tourism, real estate, construction, and others. As lead developer for ACI’s 4th Dimension relational database platform, I developed business databases for Fortune 500 companies including Apple Computer, Waste Management, and TetraPak, as well as numerous regional and local small business clients. I also developed the successful 4D developer software products Instant Interface, Instant Code, and ACI’s Instant 4D Index. Along the way, I’ve created, bought and sold advertising in every media, from broadcast TV (ask me about the exploding Camaro TV spots), to every swag item from A to Z; I’ve exhibited software at conventions from MacWorld to SXSW; and run more contests, promotions and PR campaigns – on limited budgets – than I can count. I’ve been developing on the web since 2000, and spent the last few years immersed in crafting destination websites, social community websites, and user-generated video solutions as the lead brand evangelist developer for KickApps.com (now merged with KITdigital) and in building an expert practice using WordPress as a CMS and social media marketing for small business.

Along the way, I also manage all my own small business marketing, sales, lead gen, customer service, websites, social media strategy and execution and all the other goodies that make up being an online and offline entreprenuer today. So I’m uniquely qualified to help *you* handle and organize the large herd of marketing and online details that are required by *your* business.

But what is this worth to you? It means I’ve Been There, Done That and I Have ALL the T-shirts. And majorly awesome cowgirl boots made for showing you how to walk all over your competition and Get Things Done online. Better, Faster and Cheaper. Hell, Yeah!

Shoot me an email and let me know how I can help you Git ‘r Done – right and right now!

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